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Separating architectural framework and modules.

Kiubo provides both the flexible room modules and the modular architectural framework, known as the Kiubo terminal. The terminal contains all the necessary basic utilities, such as water and energy supply, accommodates the modules in various configurations and connects them all together to form a building.

Separating the architectural framework and the building modules offers a multitude of benefits. Construction, finance, sales and property use are easier than ever before. Construction times are shorter and there are fewer construction site risks. Quality standards are easier to adhere to across the board and it is also easier to reproduce high-quality prototype buildings in other locations.

Kiubo creates a new property concept that combines individual requirements and the requirements for mixed and continuous use in one system.

Shorter construction, fewer site risks and easy to replicate.

Revolutionising urban planning.

The modular approach ensures Kiubo terminals can be used at any time, fit into any location or environment, and can be configured in countless ways. Everything is possible, from multi-unit dwellings, courtyard houses or L-shaped properties. The terminal can also be dismantled with relatively little effort or used differently by switching the modules. Open spaces and communal areas can also be customised and changed over the building’s life cycle.

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Living is more mobile and flexible with Kiubo.

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The Kiubo concept is already a reality.

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The ideal solution for people who lead a mobile and flexible lifestyle.

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