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Adapts to life.

Europe's first portable property solution.

The first property solution to adapt to modern lifestyles.

When it comes to finding a place to live, the options available to us are just as inflexible as they were 100 years ago. It is difficult to repurpose a building once it has been built, yet people’s life circumstances are changing at an ever-faster pace. One day we’re based in a city and the next we need to be somewhere else. Our space needs also change throughout our lives. We might need more room if we start a family or work from home, or less when the kids move out or when we retire. New solutions are therefore needed to satisfy differing needs and the market. We have come up with the answer at Kiubo with the first modular home that adapts to changing life circumstances.

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Kiubo – modular spaces that can be created and adapted as organically as the rhythm of life itself. Kiubo offers unique and future-proof living solutions that adapt to modern needs and lifestyles, and align with urban planning requirements.

How does

Our adaptive modular property solution

The Kiubo system is extremely simple. High-quality residential units made of wood (modules) are prefabricated in industrial units. The modules slot into frame-like structures (terminals) and can be configured in numerous ways. This highly flexible slot-in system allows the modules to be inserted, swapped, connected, extended, removed and reinserted elsewhere. This creates living space that effectively adapts to the occupiers’ changing needs.

How the modules work

Kiubo’s sustainable wooden modules are incredibly flexible. Small numbers of them can be configured together in rural locations, and in urban settings, up to 120 apartments can be created over up to 6 floors. The modules can be slotted into the terminal and made ready for use in just 3 hours. They can also be combined, extended, reduced in size and switched around in existing building structures. Modules that are used for living space can be easily transformed into open space modules or office modules, and vice versa.

Our services

We plan and create our entire flexible living construction kits alongside our professional partners. The terminals and modules fit together like pieces of a jigsaw. Facilitating change is our core service. This might involve inserting a room module into the terminal when a new baby is on the way or if a home office is needed, or removing a Kiubo module that is no longer needed. We create plenty of space for you to grow in whichever direction life takes you.

Kiubo is coming to your town or city soon.

Our property solution is continually becoming available in additional urban areas and regions. This means more and more people in today’s increasingly mobile society will soon be able to move into a Kiubo property and then, if they choose, move with Kiubo again in the future. The modules are completely standardised and can be easily transported and quickly slotted into any other Kiubo terminal. Kiubo is the future of modern living. Our flexible and portable solution makes living and working all around Europe easier than ever before. It’s the perfect solution whether you want to live in a large apartment building in Berlin or Graz or in a small, detached house in the countryside.

Feedback from customers interested in our modular property solution

40 % of respondents are excited about the customisability and flexibility of Kiubo.

Source: Market research carried out by in 2020

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The ideal solution for people who lead a mobile and flexible lifestyle.