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Pischelsdorf prototype

Our prototype enabled us to field test the Kiubo system for the first time. Three room modules were built and tested as a single-storey solution. They were made available for viewing in Pischelsdorf from March 2020 to summer 2021 before being installed at the first housing project in Starhemberggasse in Graz.

Feedback from interested customers

50% of potential customers worry about unplanned additional costs – Kiubo offers stability in this regard.

Source: Market research carried out by in 2020

Küche des Kiubo Moduls

Starhemberggasse pilot project

The Starhemberggasse pilot project was developed as part of the ÖWG housing programme in Graz, Austria and designed by the architect firm Hochrichter-Ritter. The first multi-storey residential building to be constructed using Kiubo’s market-ready system was handed over to its future residents in October 2021. Relocating the modules created in Pischelsdorf from the prototype marked the completion of the concept.

Küche des Kiubo Moduls

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Küche des Kiubo Moduls
Küche des Kiubo Moduls

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