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48% of respondents want a home that grows with them.

Source: Market research carried out by in 2020

From problem to solution

Our society demands increasingly individualised, flexible and mobile solutions and figuring out ways to live together is becoming ever more complex. Traditional construction has not provided satis­factory answers to the questions of our time. The modular building systems that have been developed so far have reached their limits in conceptual, technical, legal and financial terms. Kiubo was founded as an innovation project by ÖWG, the largest residential property developer in the city of Graz in the Austrian state of Styria. The project produced an innovative, flexible and sustainable housing concept that meets the requirements of an ever-changing society.

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From our vision to a shared mission. For sustainable housing of the future. For higher quality and efficiency in residential property construction. For healthy, affordable and flexible living.

From Le Corbusier at the Biennale – to the whole of Europe

Architecturally, our idea can be traced back as far as 1914 when Le Corbusier exhibited the Maison Dom-Ino at the Venice Biennale. Drawing on his vision and other approaches used by renowned architects, we have worked closely with the Graz-based architect firm Hochrichter-Ritter to develop a new, future-proof system. The Kiubo prototype was presented at the 2021 Architecture Biennale, 107 years after Le Corbusier presented his masterpiece. The concept and the functionality were showcased under the theme “How will we live together?”

The ÖWG and Kiubo collaborated with Hofrichter-Ritter architects and the company Kulmer Holzbau to implement a prototype in Pischelsdorf and the first housing project in Graz. The properties were released to the tenants in 2021. The first successful steps have now been taken and the foundations have been laid for the Kiubo platform. Our start-up is now in the starting blocks and ready to conquer the whole of Europe.

An innovative, flexible and sustainable housing concept that meets the requirements of an ever-changing society.


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